Radioactive dating in antarctica

That's roughly equivalent to the average temperatures in San Francisco for this time of year.A different method known as TEX86 was used to calculate temperature readings for other areas during the same geologic era.

But it's devilishly difficult to isolate the radioactive krypton-81 atoms from the air bubbles trapped within Antarctic ice.Buizert and his colleagues used recently developed tools, including the 9.5-inch-wide (24-centimeter-wide) Blue Ice Drill and the ATTA-3 atom counter, to count individual atoms of krypton-81 extracted from the ice.The researchers validated their method by comparing their analysis of Taylor Glacier samples with age estimates derived from measurements of atmospheric methane and oxygen.We present a rare, continuous record of climate change contained within the innermost, highest elevation zone of the Dry Valleys.The Friis Hills, Taylor Valley (800 m above sea level) contains a thick (14 m) series of stacked glacial drifts found interbedded with silty paleolacustrine sediments.The researchers behind that study, appearing in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, say the same technique could provide more accurate dates for ice samples going back as far as 1.5 million years.

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