Ranbir dating nargis


The two were also seen watching the cricket World Cup final together at a bar in Juhu.

In the past, he is rumored to be dating Parineeti Chopra.After that first formal meeting, Shayan and Nargis have been hanging out a lot together.They like to spend time with each other," a source said.Nargis seems to be the first girl who has moved on to a different man after breaking up with Ranbir, instead of hoping he would return to her."After his split with Katrina, Ranbir has made it clear he wants to stay single for now.That could be the reason why Nargis has moved on to Shayan," said a source. "Shayan's New York-based sister is a close friend of Nargis and it was she who introduced them to each other.From the time, she landed on the sets of the Dutt biopic, she has carried a remarkable amount of energy with her.

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