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In other Kardashian news, Kimmy’s ex boyfriend/NFL player Reggie Bush has moved on! According to a new report by TMZ this morning, Reggie is now dating singer/actress Melissa Molinaro. Sources tell TMZ the two have been dating for months and became “official” last Christmas.Melissa also celebrated her 28th birthday earlier this month with reports stating Reggie footed the bill for her party.Molinaro’s highest publicity gig so far was the Old Navy commercial spot that had many doing a double take, wondering if the Kardashian clan’s queen bee was the newest face of the affordable brand.Bush even celebrated the Molinaro’s birthday with the famous Armenian-American impersonator earlier this month at Beverly Hills’ Boa Steakhouse.“It will be a two-hour stand alone special,” my source reveals.

Yesterday, Gary Hecker, an attorney for Kardashian, filed suit in a U. District court against Old Navy for compensatory and punitive damages for "unauthorized use of Kardashian's name, identity and likeness." "We're seeking damages according to proof," said Hecker.It also will mean that Kardashian's lawyers won't call to testify members of the media who reported about Old Navy's marketing plans as well as members of the public who maybe weren't confused by the advertisement.Instead, the lawsuit has been settled privately after the two sides engaged a mediator, Daniel Weinstein, who has experience resolving high-profile cases.Insiders tell TMZ the couple met two years ago, remained friends and then became "official" around Christmas. Serious enough for Reggie to fly to London this month and watch Melissa perform. She doesn't "perform" the way Kardashian performs when Ray J is around.This is so funny…Reggie Bush was spotted with Melissa Molinaro from the Old Navy commerical where she looks like an exact replica of Kim Kardashian…come on Reggie…not over Kim are we?“[Kim] is so used to having cameras follow her that she doesn’t even notice them any more.

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