Screenupdating true

Hi Experts, I have a spreadsheet where I have created a console page to run a variety of reports from.

I have tried using application.screenupdating = false both before I branch to a report subroutine and also within the report subroutine in an attempt to keep it from shifting the focus to the report page, but it is not working.You should be able to make a direct call to some method in the rhxl32 add-in.You can't avoid flashing altogether, but if you leave screen updating off until after you have restored the control tab, it should be minimal. Occasionally a parroted claim will pop up in the Excel cybersphere that resetting Screen Updating from False back to True in a VBA procedure is pointless and unnecessary.Do not believe these claims — they are misinformed and dead wrong.The error message is Run-time error '1004': Method 'Range' of object '_Global' failed. Page Setut Copies:=1, _ Preview:=False, Print To File:=True, Collate:=True, _ Active Printer:="Acrobat Distiller", _ prtofilename:=PSFile Name End If Once again, this message did not appear until I hid the report pages.

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