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She attended a Catholic Family Practice program, which is one of the largest in the country.It’s specifically for practicing medicine in rural or missionary work.

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“I was going through conversion classes at the time to become Catholic, and I actually got kicked out of my class because I was on call at the hospital and I couldn’t leave the hospital.“Steve always supported us, especially in education. After graduating from Warren High School in 1991, Sylvia headed straight to college at University of Arkansas in Fayetteville.Amazingly, in her third year of college, she was accepted into medical school at UAMS in Little Rock.That was embarrassing at the time but a little funny now that I think back.I did finally finish the classes once I got back to Monticello.” Once residency was over, Dr. He started the clinic and was both a mentor and great friend to Sylvia. I was actually a paul bearer at his funeral in June of 2002.” Though many Monticello residents know Sylvia as Dr. ” Sylvia said that when her children were babies she never wanted to put them down. My mom said that it’s a good thing I work, because if I stayed home with them, they’d never learn to walk.” Weekends at the Simon’s household is spent as a family, with all of the focus on the children.Looking at her very successful medical practice today, many would assume that Sylvia was raised with a huge support system.

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