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Torres wants the county to pay for his medical care, and his lawyers will present evidence on cost estimates during the trial.He was born in Durango, Mexico, and came to the United States when he was 8, according to psychologist Roger Light in a November 2003 evaluation.Based on Kent’s story, prosecutors initially charged Torres with assault on police officers.But they decided to drop the charges in September 2001 after viewing the tape. and it is hard to determine whether (Torres) was throwing socks and jacket at Deputy Kent,” according to an unnamed prosecutor’s August 2001 note.

After he was taken to the hospital, emergency room records indicate that Torres “got beat up in jail” and was “hit on the face.” Light, a psychologist hired by the county, cast doubt on Torres’ actual mental impairment. Torres apparently was putting forth a naïve attempt to appear more impaired than he actually is,” Light said. Hance, a radiologist and witness for Torres, examined the teen’s imaging records and wrote that Torres’ frontal lobe damage stemmed from the beating.While growing up in Orange County, Torres was arrested two or three times, including for not going to school and failing a drug test involving marijuana, according to Light’s report.That February day, Torres was home when he was picked up and carted to jail.Prosecutors are also conducting a special grand jury probe into Chamberlain’s death – including an accusation that one deputy encouraged the melee.Norman Watkins, an attorney who is defending the county and the Sheriff’s Department, declined to comment for this article. Samuel Paz and Sonia Mercado, also cast blame on former Sheriff Mike Carona, who was subpoenaed to testify to talk about the department’s use of force policy.But he also admitted Torres was not believed to be drunk when initially checking into the jail.

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