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"It's another way to remind people, you know, pay attention," state Department of Transportation spokesman Steve Abbott said.

"There are some cases where people let it go three or four months, and unless you got pulled over by a police officer there was no added penalty." Previously, a driver had a 15-day grace period to renew their registration after it expired.

I used it previously at another job and signed up for it as soon as I started this one.

It's very easy to learn and use, and making a smart form with rules helps to keep them short.” “I have used Formsite for the past 12 years to help clients place orders on my website.

If a registration has been expired for less than a month, the fee is . Registration fees and property taxes can be paid online or by mail once a vehicle passes inspection.

The fees can also be paid at a local DMV county license plate agency office.

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