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UPDATE: June 21, 2016 – Microsoft has released a free repair tool for the Windows 10 START menu.

You can read very brief explanation and download it here. It was a dark and stormy nighty in April when I installed Windows 10 build 10041 (on the fast ring) and the START button stopped working… If you have installed a recent Windows 10 build you may find that the START button and all of the modern apps either do nothing or error out with messages about . In my case I just installed a free START menu utility (I like START 8 or CLASSIC SHELL) that you might have install on Windows 8, and waited for Microsoft to release the next build of Windows 10 that I hoped would be installed automatically as I am on the FAST RING.

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On my laptop the start button is dead and so is Microsoft Edge. Hi Ty; If your done venting and being wrong, I will be happy to continue to help you for FREE.

If you have had enough, you can just give up and REFRESH you machine.

This will reinstall Windows 10 but it will keep all of your files (Documents, Pictures…) but it will kill all of the programs that have been installed. OLD so you can fish out anything that is missing, but you will have to reinstall your programs, like Microsoft Office. There is no one out there who knows anything about solving Windows 10 problems, including you.

Here we list 11 methods that are proved to be useful by users. When you see the following interface, click Sign out. Now check if your Windows 10 start menu is working right. Press Ctrl Shift ESC keys at the same time to call out the Task Manager. It seems that Microsoft has realized the start menu issue and then released the Microsoft Start Menu Troubleshooter to help. Immediately this utility starts detecting potential problems with your start menu.

The first Windows 10 start menu fix is to have a try reclogging into your account and see if this works. If Windows 10 start button doesn't work still, logging in with a completely new user account may fix this issue. You can go to Microsoft to get this tool and then follow the steps to do the fix. If some problems are found, they will be displayed and fixed.

And, you can check/uncheck "Align partitions to 1MB for advanced format disk & SSD".

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