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You know the drill, you're lying in bed with your bestie, both swiping on Tinder, both chatting to seven guys at once and both mumbling "fugly", "fit" and "in what world" under your breath. You persuade yourself that they'll look better in person and when you have doubts, your bestie is there to shout, "can you actually be more shallow?! But when you're matching that winged liner in preparation for the date, what's that one thing you're concerned about?You're probably disagreeing on the definiton of "hot" and whether a guy with a six pack is trying too hard, a catfish or you just don't give a shit, because he's fucking beautiful. What's the one turn off that you just can't compromise on? "Making assumptions about what you'll be doing after the date, i.e.The student who is studying English Literature at the University of Leeds has also been told she's pretty 'for an Asian girl', has called on the apps to do more to educate their users about using racist language.‘Maybe Tinder, Bumble and other dating apps could do some educational videos about how to avoid being casually racist and avoid micro-aggressions,’ said Miss Smith.‘It’s tempting to put this all down to special snowflake syndrome; to say that this is all a massive overreaction, and that we shouldn’t take such comments to heart.‘But that’s not good enough.Racial micro-aggressions are essentially normalised, everyday acts of racism, and we can’t just brush them under the carpet.‘I don’t think guys realise they’re being offensive.Serena Smith, 18, from Cambridge claims that casual racism is rife on apps such as Tinder and Bumble and is frequently left upset by remarks from potential dates.Mixed-raced Miss Smith told Mail Online: ‘It really angers me when people call me "exotic". It’s what you’d call a place, or an animal or a dish of food.His hobbies include 'laser tag', 'dad jokes' and 'petting doggos' while his 'notable skills' bullet points list 'knowing all the rules to drinking games', 'not the worst at sex' and 'owning a Netflix account'.His hobbies include 'laser tag', 'dad jokes' and 'petting doggos' while his 'notable skills' bullet points list 'knowing all the rules to drinking games', 'not the worst at sex' and 'owning a Netflix account'And while 'death by Powerpoint' is feared in offices and classrooms up and down the land, Sam says putting a presentation on Tinder has resuled in a 'noticeable' increase in matches.

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We thought it would be funny to do, something a little bit different.'From there on in, it seemed to be working pretty well, so just left it and made a few tweaks here and then.'It's quite noticeable the different number of matches.

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A student wants to expose the hidden world of racism on dating apps after being called ‘exotic’ by a potential date made her feel like an ‘animal’.

‘I think it’s so common on dating apps like Tinder and Bumble because of the relative anonymity,’ she said.‘If you’re in person it’s easier to call people out on using language like that.‘Online they’re safe behind a screen. They can say whatever they want and get away with it.’Miss Smith also experienced a man telling her he had ‘never got with a brown girl before’ and that she was ‘pretty for a mixed-race girl’.‘It made me feel like a box on a list of people to be ticked off,’ she said.

‘It made me feel objectified.’After many of her mixed-race friends reported encountering the same kind of behaviour, Miss Smith decided to tackle things in her own way and wrote about her experience.

On social media, Brooke Callander commented: 'I'd swipe right just for the presentation skills.'Amy added: 'I'd swipe right purely for the amount of effort that he put into this.

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