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She is best known for her roles in the movie Godfather and Rocky.

She appeared in the second series of Godfather and made huge impact in the industry.

Apart from movies she has also appeared in numerous TV shows across the network.

She made debut in television via Foster and Laurie a TV-Movie in the year 1975.

She got divorce with David Shire in the year 1980, her boyfriend Jack Schwartzman helped her for the proceeding.

She then married Jack in the same year and took care of her children.

Her biography is easily available in wiki and IMDb.

Boxing, with its Darwinian savagery, was always the sport the show world took most readily to its combative, tortured heart.

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She is the aunt of famous actor Nicolas Cage and direct Sofia Coppola.

She was indeed one of the hot actresses of 70's industry and there was not any match to her.

Her personal life was facing few problems in the late 70's and she was dating producer Jack Schwartzman.

Her latest movie was "The Return of Joe Rich" in the year 2011, it made decent amount of box office collection.

Her first movie was The Wild Racers in the year 1968, and followed by The Dunwich Horror in the year 1970.

Frank Sinatra billed his last live TV concert as the Main Event.

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