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What would you say is the primary driving force behind its well-entrenched support? Williams: Some people believe in single-sex education because they had a great personal experience. public-school systems and think, “we’ve got to do something; let’s give it a try.” Since the 1990s, there has been a resurgence of interest in single-sex education in public schools serving students in grades K-12.

To other people, single-sex education seems like plain old common sense: They see differences between boys and girls, and they like the idea of creating schools that reflect these differences. My book takes a look at the arguments driving interest in single-sex public education, as well as the results.

Today, K-12 single-sex programs are still mostly concentrated in southern states. Williams: Mention single-sex education to most people today, and you are likely to conjure images of elite institutions in bucolic settings, where emphasis is placed not only on rigorously training young minds, but also on building character and developing self-confidence.

As I discovered, however, behind the image of single-sex education’s rosy past lies the story of its disturbingly checkered history.

Many single-sex programs have been initiated specifically to address the unmet needs of underserved students, particularly black and Latino young men, and there is no question that some of the very best single-sex public schools today are ones created to serve low-income students of color.

What is a question [though] is whether these schools are great because they are single-sex.

Think of it this way: If I were to write a book about new treatments for cancer, [I wouldn’t] go out and ask people whether they enjoyed their treatment. Our kids deserve to grow up in a society that takes their education every bit as seriously as we take our commitment to good medicine.

Anderson: The creation of single-sex academies in the 1950s throughout the South by anti-integrationists aiming to thwart and keep black boys from being in classrooms with white girls is an interesting tidbit.

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The prevalence of single-sex public schools has risen and fallen over the years, yet the last decade has seen a major revival.So far, there isn’t evidence to show that they are.Instead, the research shows that successful schools, whether single-sex or coed, tend to have certain things in common, like creating strong mentoring relationships and keeping class sizes to a manageable level.After the Civil War, several of the nation’s increasingly diverse, urban school districts moved to create single-sex public high schools to appease xenophobic parents worried about the prospect of students from different ethnic, religious, and class backgrounds rubbing shoulders throughout the school day.In the years following the landmark Supreme Court ruling, the prejudice driving the retreat from coeducational public schools was even more flagrant …on the net and you won't have a problem finding whatever you're after as it has tons of hot various categories.

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