Updating brass light fixtures

This is a really accurate shot of the new paint color, Windsor Greige by Sherwin Williams. Pretty shaggy striped rug came from Steinmart for .I lucked out in picking this color, bought it when they had a weekend sale by walking in choosing it from a strip and getting a gallon mixed up. I love this little rug and when I saw the colors, I knew it was perfect too for joining all my colors together. Muddy green, blue, brown, khaki, everything I needed in a rug.I wouldn’t have thought it possible if it hadn’t happened so easily, with the help of some inspiration linens. If you find yourself a fabric or in this cases towels and washcloths that tie it all together, that’s the way to do it every single time. We weren’t about to gut this space and start over, so I had to work some magic with what I had.Think about it:green, blue, khaki, brown go together perfectly, so why not in a bathroom with avocado tiles and aqua countertops. When I found these towels at Homegoods, I knew this was my answer on how to blend those colors.I have no idea what happened back in 1973 that brought in the aqua countertops, but I have a feeling my Dad found them on sale somewhere. So, let’s take a peek back at what this bathroom looked like a few short weeks ago when I first shared it with you.The best we could come up with around 1985 was adding this lovely pink and seafoam wallpaper.I love this little thing and have plans to make another similar out of cats paw shells I picked up in Port St. Bottle from a yardsale, as well as that little cute black/white box.

By the way, I have totally mixed metals in this space and I don’t mind it all all. Chrome, nickel, oil rubbed bronze and a little antique gold thrown in for good measure. Vintage art that I already had, a yardsale find, naturally.Some suggested that I should reglaze or paint the tiles. But no more…carpet is gone, as well as that ugly, ugly wallpaper and border. This pretty green metal shelf came out of my old green bathroom in AL, along with the accessories, most of which were found at yardsales.This is a pretty shellbox that I made 2 years ago and never showed you, mainly because I shamelessly copied it from Layla’s mom and she was selling them on Layla’s blog at the time.Brought this with me from one of my old baths and this is an inexpensive fixture from Lowes with seeded glass globes. Print passed on to me from Layla, which I’ve always admired from Rusty Cricket shop. I picked up the frame from the thriftstore and had a mat custom cut for it, total to frame it.I’ll show you that later too, but framing things like that is so easy.He is Freelancer Programmer of Advance Excel and design useful Excel base Electrical Programs as per IS, NEC, IEC, IEEE codes.

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