Updating modded psp


if sony allowed people to play roms on their psp, their sales would be mad.i realize that the issue is probably more with nintendo getting pissed off that their games would run on a sony machine rather than sony allowing people to play nintendo games.i primarily listen to mp3 files so the new audio formats don't effect me.i see no practical use for transferring images via ir myself, but it would be a good way to share pictures with friends who have a psp.

it looks like the question of whether or not to update to firmware 2.0 comes down to a decision of whether to play emulator games and full games stored on the memory stick and use various hacks to optimize the psp, or go with the update and get all the functionality designed for the psp and lose the ability to play emulated games.for now, i am sticking with 1.5 until i get tired of donkey kong country.i also just read news that work is under way to get homebrew running on 2.0 psp devices, so upgrading may be an option for me soon.the web browsing in this game is a bit tedious, although it was cool to view on the psp.the ability to extract the files from your umd and put two or three games on a memory stick to save power and eliminate the need to carry around multiple umds is very cool.anyway i have a 1.5 and i try to put kxploit on it but it comes up with” the game cant be started 80020001″ or sumthin like that…sum1 tell me how to do it?

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