Updating the symevent files

Let me reiterate this point: The screen was refreshing and I was getting real time Task Manager updates - until I clicked on the Start menu. In truth, I think the server had already locked up, the video card just hadn't figured it out yet.

I went back into my bag of trick: driving to the office and hard reseting the server over and over again when it hangs up at the Windows splash screen.

After the upgrade I had to push-install the new version 12 Backup Exec Remote Agents to each of the servers I am backing up (about 6 total).

5 of my servers are doing just fine, faithfully completing backups every night. Observations: The back story: This server started crashing during nightly backups about a month ago.

)So I go to restart to see if that will fix it and on shutdown I get this message: RDR_FILE_SYSTEMSTOP: 0x00000027With the file 'SYMEVENT.

I have a Dell Power Edge 2850 running Windows Server 2003.

RAM should be easy, but I'm not sure if there's anything about backup that would cause use of a bad area that wouldn't be triggered in regular use - it just doesn't fit. When backing up, it's going to be moving a lot of information both from disk and through the NIC.

On the file server I opened the Task Manager so I could view the processes and watch CPU and memory usage.

During this time, I had absolutely no problems backing up the temporary server. I rebooted the server once an hour every day for 3 weeks trying to make it fail. I felt confident that the reload was the answer to my problems.

I moved all of the data from the temporary server back to the regular server.

Archived from groups: microsoft.public.windowsxp.general (More info? )Hi all, While using my computer I heard the device disconnect sound for seemingly no reason.

I ignored it because I thought it was just the scanner doing something stupid, however later when I tried to access the DVD drive, I realised it was no longer there in my computer (no, it didn't physically vanish! This error / message also appears when I update Nortons (I'm using NIS 2005 / Norton Systemworks 2004 Pro.

I got 3 nightly backups out of it before it locked up again and started the familiar failure to boot cleanly behavior.

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