Updating to itunes 8

Artwork can be obtained for songs not purchased from the store for free if the user has an i Tunes Store account.Purchased songs do not come with lyrics, nor does i Tunes provide a service for acquiring the missing lyrics.In all of these cases, donations were redirected to the Red Cross.The store began operations after Apple signed deals with five major record labels: EMI, Universal, Warner, Sony Music Entertainment, and BMG.In addition, i Tunes Store offers apps, which are applications used for various purposes (games, productivity, news, etc.) that are compatible with the i Pod Touch, i Phone, and i Pad, although some apps are specifically for the i Phone or i Pad only.

When someone downloads an App, 70 percent of the purchase goes to the developer(s), and 30 percent goes to Apple.

Downloaded songs come with song information (name, artist, album) already filled out, though i Tunes provides a free service by Gracenote to do this for songs not purchased from the store, although they must be imported with i Tunes.

Songs that have an entry in i Tunes Store also come with album artwork (Artwork is embedded in the metadata).

Following the introduction of i Tunes Store, individual songs were all sold for the same price, though Apple introduced multiple prices in 2007.

Music in the store is in the Advanced Audio Coding (AAC) format, which is the MPEG-4-specified successor to MP3.

While most downloaded files initially included usage restrictions enforced by Fair Play, Apple's implementation of digital rights management (DRM), i Tunes later initiated a shift into selling DRM-free music in most countries, marketed as i Tunes Plus.

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