Value dating system

Thank you I cannot tell you why they do that, you would have to ask them.A julian date is the number of days from a fixed point in time.Initially, and until 1939 the Browning Superposed fired via a double trigger set up. shotgun with serial number 6556.1969 started using two digits for the date of manufacture: S=12 gauge V=20 gauge F=28 gauge J=.410 bore This was then preceded by the serial number beginning with 1000. Val Browning's SST remains one of the very best and most reliable such triggers ever designed.

Using collections with generics makes more maintainable code. May be useful to you Above method may not be good if your hashmap is really big.

If you choose to use the Commons Collections library instead of the standard Java Collections API, you can achieve this with ease.

The Bidi Map interface in the Collections library is a bi-directional map, allowing you to map a key to a value (like normal maps), and also to map a value to a key, thus allowing you to perform lookups in both directions.

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The Browning Superposed was last firearm to be designed by John Browning and one of the first over-under shotgun designs to be commercially produced.

Update If you want to rely on the Java Collections API, you will have to ensure the 1:1 relationship between keys and values at the time of inserting the value into the map. Once you can ensure that, use the entry Set() method to obtain the set of entries (mappings) in the Map. Entry, iterate through the entries, comparing the stored value against the expected, and obtain the corresponding key.

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