Who is brian urlacher dating


While her celebrity credentials may be questionable, her beauty is undeniable. Which one of Urlacher’s famous exes is hotter, Hilton or Mc Carthy?

This flattering two-piece workout attire helps to highlight the popular former game show host’s curves.

That being said, he did pretty well for himself off the field as well, especially with the ladies.

When it comes to Urlacher’s dating resume, the beauty of two women in particular stand out, and we're talking about Jenny Mc Carthy and Paris Hilton.

If Hilton does ever decide to start her own swimming pool maintenance business, and she shows up in this outfit, it’s likely she’ll be getting a lot of business.

Fun Fact: Hilton made her television debut on the hit reality show, There are a lot of folks who would be quite pleased to see the lovely Jenny Mc Carthy emerge from a bottle they found.

That's what I love about him he always makes me laugh.

In his prime, Chicago Bears linebacker Brian Urlacher has one of the best defensive players in the National Football League.

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Being a blonde beauty from an extremely wealthy family might lead one to believe that Paris Hilton has probably never cleaned a pool.

In this photo, we can see Mc Carthy holding her hair in place while getting ready to do a bit of yoga.

Whatever exercise routines the actress has been doing, appear to be working, as she looks to be in tremendous condition in this particular shot.

In this photo, we see what Jenny the genie might look like, with this fun outfit.

Seeing the former television host in this stunning attire may be even better receiving three wishes.

However, as we can see from this photo, she still looks every bit as good as she did in her 20s.

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