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Every job that ever had to be done on set, I would do: being a gopher, getting coffee, working in the edit room, holding the boom – I did all sorts of jobs, and so I came to understand the process of filmmaking. I wasn’t thinking that I was going to be a person film.I thought I was going to be a professional American football player and go to college – and I did that, but then all of a sudden my football career was all gone and I started inching toward acting.In Cain’s portrait, Peterson is an emotional void, a superficially charming sociopath bereft of feeling.Then there is (2004), a twist-laden crime thriller in which allegiance with the Cain protagonist turns on a dime.

Possessing the star-wattage of a matinee idol, he assumes with ease the mantle of romantic hero; yet he also excels in “character” roles devoid of glamor or charisma.

The cat-and-mouse encounters between Cain and Washington bristle with masculine intensity.

Overall, Cain gives an admirably risky performance, wholly discarding the crutch of likeability.

I went to college instead; I was a History major at Princeton.

But I had actually done a number of films beforehand, because my father was a director and I learned a lot just by being on set.

Deborah Joy Le Vine, who created the show, was there too, along with a casting director. ” I said, “Yes, I read it last night, and I think I have a different take on the character.” Robert Butler said, “Great, let’s see it.” So I did the read, and then I left. It turned out that the producers were concerned about my age, because I looked so young. I love Kevin, he’s a great guy, but he’s a different kind of actor than me.

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