Who is mena suvari dating now


From the Copenhagen Post: “‘David answered the door wearing white Diesel boxer shorts,’ she told the Sunday People. I followed him through to the bedroom where he put his arms around me and kissed me…‘He didn’t throw me out afterwards, and he let me stay until he got up a bit before 8am.David Beckham is apparently not so great after all.No wonder Lindsay Lohan thought she had a shot him; he’s a total manwhore.The other women’s accusations are “their word only” and often proved false because Beckham wasn’t in the same part of the world as they were alledged to have taken place.

Unfortunately, he didn’t give me his, and I haven’t heard from him since.’ According to the report, Ms. ‘He should be a man and live up to his responsibilities,’ she added.

The trysts are said to have taken place while Ms Adams, 24, who is five months pregnant with Beckham‘s baby, was away on the Spice Girls‘ world tour and ended when she returned from America.” “The Beckhams called in lawyers after a second woman, 29-year-old Malaysian-born Sarah Marbeck, said she had had an affair with Beckham from July 2001, two years after his marriage to the former Spice Girl.” Celina Laurie, daughter of a vicar in Denmark, also claims that she had a one-night stand with David Beckham, at a hotel, after meeting him in a nightclub in 2002.

According to an interview with her and a Danish tabloid, Ekstra Bladet, he just walked right up, and started rubbing her back.

Aside from the current affair scandal, with the Beckhams‘ ex-nanny, Rebecca Loos, –which is a very appropriate name, by the way, –he’s also allegedly been banging other broads as well.

Supposedly, while David was still with Manchester United, in 1998, he started sleeping around with Emma Ryan, model for Page Three, while Victoria was five months pregnant, and they were still engaged.

Danielle and Mohamed are not really kinda still sorta together.

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