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There is a specific performance move of Lindemann's, dubbed "The Till Hammer".

This move is where he bends his knees, beats his thigh with a fist in a hammering motion while turning his head from side to side.

But before that can happen, Lindemann spoke to – mostly just to explain himself. "Ladyboy." I wrote it in English because I just wanted Peter to know what's all about. It's really funny when you let people think for themselves and open up their minds. Like, when it comes to food, if you have lobster and meat, you have surf and turf [].

Let's talk about the song "Fat." You seem ashamed but also happy to be attracted to heavier women. Did you ever saw these documentaries of these "feeders"? And having this fetish, and this inspired me because it's so unreal and so weird but on the other hand it's so awesome because the guy, he doesn't care. It's a totally different kind of love, because it's not about aesthetics, beauty and a good-shaped body. So maybe there's a little truth in those lyrics. All the time we're gonna have lots of turkeys. You have like the white meat, the healthy meat, and you can fuck it as well, so it's like two in one [I saw you in Denver in 1999 and you put on quite the show during "Bück Dich," which is German for "bend over," and you were humping Rammstein's keyboardist, Flake.

On occasion, Flake has been seen to parody the move onstage.

Unlike most frontmen, Lindemann stated in an interview that he does not like being looked at while on stage, and would wear sunglasses to block out views of the audience.

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Song titles on the record include "Golden Shower," "Ladyboy," "Fat" and the first single, "Praise Abort." Lindemann says it all came together innocently because he wanted to collaborate with Hypocrisy and Pain frontman Peter Tägtgren.He has appeared in some films in minor roles, and he also has two published books of poetry, one titled Messer (2002) and the other In stillen Nächten (2013).He has presented some of his original poems and scripts to galleries.Landers, Christoph "Doom" Schneider and Christian "Flake" Lorenz) in 1989. In 1994, the band entered and won a contest in Berlin that allowed them to record a four track demo professionally.When questioned as to why Rammstein was named after the Ramstein air show disaster, An incident in September 1996 caused a section of the band's set to burn, and as a result, Lindemann got his certification in pyrotechnics so the band could perform with pyrotechnics more safely than it had previously.The singer will return to Rammstein to begin preproduction on a new record in September, while Tägtgren will refocus on his other bands. And then when you never expect it, an open fire starts.

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