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When I was growing up in Junction City, Kansas, Ms.Tierney, was at Menninger's Mental Health Hospital.“By the time I was 15 I was doing the leads in most of the plays.” She was all set to enter the University of Leeds at 18 when, on a holiday in Spain, she was offered the star role in a Mexican film, Maria.

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“In fact,” she says, “it probably made my father seem more human.” Shepherded by nannies and tutors, Taryn was eventually sent to English boarding schools. “I used to play school in the summers.” She excelled in both her studies and in athletics (javelin, tennis, a brown belt in judo).Anne Baxter's ensembles look more like Tierney/Cassini rejects, an unhappy compromise between opposing styles.See more » When the screenplay credits are shown, a curious symbol appears near W. It's a symbol meant to ward off the evil eye, and it more often than not appeared on the covers of many of Maugham's novels.“A little old lady was sobbing, and I burst into giggles.We didn’t realize what was going on.” Taken to Rome at about age 7, Taryn became aware that her mother spent much time in the downstairs apartment of English actor (and later her husband) Edmund Purdom.Perfect film for returning warriors from WW2, as a bridge of hope, to find themselves and repair the wounded souls of war.

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