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By the beginning of the series, Carter had been in the Marine Corps for 16 years, which means he would have entered the service in 1948, when he would have been about 20.

However, he wears the World War II Victory ribbon which was awarded to the Armed Forces through Dec. In the episode "Old Man Carter" (season 1, episode 24), aired on 26 February 1965, he is said to be 35 years old.

But for now, she is missing a Grand Slam event, one she hasn't captured in three years. Then there are the very specific charges, the ugly matters of stolen cell phones (see Kidd v. Lo Duca) and a little of everything, including secret videotapes of a sister undressing and an affair with a woman named Cupcake (Strahan v. Such public wars cost their participants great humiliation and agony, but they seem almost inevitable whenever child custody is a potential issue.

She will just be Justine Henin again, a great relief to tongue-tied broadcasters.

This month, Justine Henin-Hardenne pulled out of the Australian Open for personal reasons, and the Belgian newspaper, Le Soir, reported that she is divorcing her husband of four years, Pierre-Yves Hardenne.

Vince can opt out of his Nets contract at the end of this season, and may leave to sign with a team such as Charlotte or Orlando that figures to be closer to his ex-wife and daughter.

So things can turn nasty in a hurry, and sometimes these legal matters may turn a grumpy person even grouchier.

Now, that union is done and she has been linked romantically with golfer Greg Norman. Athletes have been getting married and divorced for as long as there have been wedding chapels and county courthouses. We watch these crazy spectacles lately, these blindside legal tackles, with mouth agape and a bit of guilty displeasure. The state is considered "fault, no-fault" when it comes to divorce. "It almost always has something to do with who gets the kids," said Pam Cerruti, a divorce lawyer in Montclair. It doesn't usually have anything to do with division of debt or property." New Jersey is where Strahan's divorce hearings took place and where the Kidds have filed. The plots of the episodes often grew out of the contentious relationship between Pyle and his stern NCO, Sergeant Carter. Carter is Gomer's stern, yet soft at heart (as shown in season 3,episode 10 Cold Nose, Warm Heart), drill instructor. It focused on Gomer Pyle, a naïve but good-hearted private in the United States Marine Corps who served in a non-combat role while stationed stateside.In the episode, "How to Succeed in Farming Without Really Trying," Carter does specify his correct rank.

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