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If the Prime Minister delivers on his pledge to engineer a ‘fundamental change’ in our relationship with the EU, it will represent a great personal triumph, placing our membership on a more stable and democratic footing.If he fails, the unreformed institutions will gallop towards greater integration, escalating tensions between Britain and the EU.

Nearly six out of ten say it would encourage more people to come to the UK.In 2000, at the height of pro-European Tony Blair’s premiership, one survey showed support for staying in the EU at 62 per cent, with only 38 in favour of pulling out.Furthermore, of those who told today’s poll they would currently vote to stay in, 22 per cent say they could change their mind if the migrant problem gets worse.‘Even if the playing field is levelled in respect to how much each campaign can spend, there will still be one body that finds itself subject to no spending or campaigning restrictions, despite its key role in the campaign.The Tory rebels have already forced the Government into a climbdown over the so-called ‘purdah’ rules, which normally impose a ban on Ministers publishing relevant material in the 28 days before the referendum, which insiders expect to be held next autumn.Although British Ministers do not have jurisdiction over the European institutions, it is understood that if the amendment was passed, ‘out’ campaigners would be able to take out injunctions against media outlets which repeated information sent out by Brussels.

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